Project Overview


Say hello to our brand new online, ”Making Good Noise” media channel – The Vuvuzela. As a group of proudly South African, like-minded, small business owners, we’ve come together to collaborate, pooling our resources to bring South Africans from all over the country, real-life, feelgood stories. Because in these difficult times, isn’t it time we share some inspiration and positivity? That’s exactly what we plan on doing with The Vuvuzela.

Simply translated, it means to make a noise, but for celebration. It’s this kind of noise and feeling we want to spark back into our country, through the South African positivity and spirit which we all hold. The simple truth is that life and business as we know it has changed, and small businesses are suffering the most. We’re forced to adapt or fall behind.

It is strange times indeed, but the irony is that the more we continue to social distance, the more we begin to connect, more than ever before. That means for businesses alike, we’re going back to the basics of networking and building friendships and relationships within our communities. With experience in both the film and marketing arena we want to use our resources for good – interviewing, capturing and sharing stories from interesting small business owners and community members alike.

We’re here to help them gain exposure and tell their stories, we simply want to help build up the people that make our communities so great.

Forget fake news, and instead, fill your timeline with inspiration, connecting with like-minded individuals from around the country. Get to know the names and faces behind those that are uplifting our communities, or the businesses you never even knew about. Hear and learn about what many small business owners are doing to survive, flipping their business models on its head. Or perhaps learn from those who have the know-how to help show YOU how to make sense of all of this. With a permit to travel, we’re here to bring you the very best news, countrywide, so that when this is all over, we have a whole lot of noise to shout about.

And when we do come out of all of this, we’ll be stronger together.

Let’s celebrate all the wonderful people and stories our country holds. If you have a story that you would like to share with us, be it your own or a fellow South African’s, email

We look forward to bringing a smile to your face. To trade your timeline news for these inspiring interest stories, follow us along the journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.