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Forget fake news and instead, fill your timeline with inspiration, connecting with like-minded individuals from around the country. Get to know the names and faces behind those that are uplifting our communities, or the businesses you never even knew about. Hear and learn about what many small business owners are doing to survive, flipping their business models on its head. Or perhaps learn from those who have the know-how to help show YOU how to make sense of all of this. With a permit to travel, we’re here to bring you the very best news, countrywide, so that when this is all over, we have a whole lot of noise to shout about.



Ryno van den Berg

The Vuvuzela team is simply amazing. These people are reaching out to small businesses in order to help them getting back onto their feet without being approached in the first place and this truly shows leadership and complete caring in the KZN community and also nation wide. We at Passion for Dance are so excited that we were introduced to this fabulous team of inspiring individuals and I hope all the good that they are doing right now will come back to them. Bravo to the Vuvuzela team.

Collette Bundy

A wonderful platform created by a group of people who really care about promoting local businesses. Well Done to The Vuvuzela team on this great initiative.

Erin Dickson

Lovely stories spreading local love!

Farah Manjoo

So amazing to hear such positive stories and creative innovative ideas. Feel very hopeful as an individual and entrepreneur that we will all overcome the Covid-19 pandemic coming out stronger. Great initiative!!


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Making Good Noise